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100 Reasons to Live by Gareth Emery

100 Reasons to Live by Gareth Emery

Serious Uplifting Energy Within – Gareth’s Best Album Yet


Wow. I’m amazed by the uplifting melodies, infectious hooks, and pure emotion in every song on the album. Every song is quality with no filler. Gareth’s unique sound and passion for his music distinguishes him from most other artists today. Whether you’re a long time Gaz fan or a first-timer I think you can find something to like here. Gareth’s has spent the last two years working on what he says is his best album yet, and I have to agree.

Can’t wait to hear some of these live on tour this year! Favorites (in no particular order): Cloudline, Far from Home, CVNT5, Lost, Save Me, Until We Meet Again, Sansa. (I know the album is good when half of it is on my favorites list 😄)


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