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ACT ONE by Marian Hill

ACT ONE by Marian Hill

Stay Away and Stick with Sway


I’ve never written a review on iTunes but here it goes. I feel strongly about this so I need to say something and warn others to choose songs carefully on this album.

First, I can’t say enough about Sway. That album deserves 12 stars. It’s that good. 5 of the songs are classics to me and my playlist. I can’t find one song in this album that I want to listen to ever again. I spread the word about Marian Hill all the time so I’m not a troll. That said, I immediately purchased this without previewing the songs because I expected it to blow me away.

I think the duo is trying too hard to make their music commercial in this album. I think they’re deviating too much from what makes them great and what Rachel’s smooth voice is meant to perform. She has such a goregous voice and these songs are just not able to…


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