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Alien 3

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Deserves its place in the series

Craig in L.A.

This underrated Gothic sci-fi chiller deserves its place in the Alien tetrology (four movies). David Fincher’s bleak outlook has since come to be celebrated in movies like “Seven,” but in 1992 the last thing audiences wanted to see was the beloved heroes of James Cameron’s “Aliens” killed off. If you can swallow that, then you can enjoy this movie’s signature feeling of dampness, claustrophobia, religiousity, and dread. As for the ultimate downer ending, just keep in mind that “Alien Resurrection” will come along to redeem it.

good movie


not the best but it was still very exiting and good, my fav was the first, that ones awsome

This movie is not worth it!


I sadly rented this movie thinking it would be good like the first two. Let me tell you, it was NOT. It is too bloody, the CGI is twitchy, and the movie has no story to it. Also, Ripley looks stupid with a shaved head. Three main characters from the second movie die. A dog has an alien – sick! Do not waste your money on this movie. Spend it on the first two. They are actually worth it.


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