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Batman Begins

The Superb Superhero Film…

Nuclear Pancakes!

I’ve mentioned in my X-Men reviews that I am a fan of Batman and Spider-Man, and when it comes to these two superheroes, there’s just none that compare in coolness.The Spider-Man films were like a roller-coaster. It started great, got even better the second go around, and just plummeted on the third attempt. Batman, however, has been reborn. Christopher Nolan’s direction and writing is beyond any superhero film out there. Not only does it manage to mix in the inspirational moments where we see the Dark Knight save the day, but we also get great character development, and an amazing story. The cinematography is very good. The action surpasses Spidey and all the other superhero films out there. The dialogue is strong. There’s only one critique that I had, and that’d have to be when Dawes and the little boy are about to be attacked by the crazed citizens and jailbirds. The little boy saying, “Don’t worry he’ll come.” And “See, I told you.” Are both very cheesy and have been done in almost every action-flick I’ve ever seen. The acting is phenomenal. Christian Bale is like the diamond-actor of fools’ gold. He’s impressive and the fact that he got snubbed at the Academy Awards is very angering. Katie Holmes offers the weakest performance, but thankfully she is cloaked by the magnificent Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Tom Wilkinson, and Gary Oldman. This is a great ensemble cast. Liam Neeson finds himself in another Qui-Gon role; after Kingdom of Heaven, this must be his third of fourth time as a mentor. The writing in this is also very well done. It’s a pretty long flick, but thankfully so. Nothing is rushed, and we get a great story. The music is very good as well. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard did a good job, though as a standalone piece, it just doesn’t work well.Overall, this is worth your money. You must see this epic superhero flick. I cannot wait for The Dark Knight, it’s one of my most-anticipated films of the year. Rent, and definitely buy this film!

It’s not up to iTunes!!!!!!


To all the stupid people who keep writing, blaming iTunes for movies not being “buyable”… It’s not up to iTunes! It’s up to the Movie Distributors. Do you really think that if the distributor allowed it, iTunes/Apple wouldn’t offer it? Come on… Write the distributor, not iTunes/Apple. PS: This movie rocks!


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