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Eat ‘Em and Smile by David Lee Roth

Eat 'Em and Smile by David Lee Roth

Diamond Dave !!!

Dominick Greco

So, which was it ? In ’86 my heart sank when I heard “hello baby …” on the Van Hagar cd, that is, until I heard this disc.

I couldn’t believe that Dave could put out such a killer album out on his own.

Dave stuck to his roots and heart and still went double platinum with this kick as, balls to the wall, naked, steaming live in front of your eyes record. That’s why he was, and still is, the heart and soul of Van Halen!

Eat em & Smile


Yea DLR’s best solo album, you can’t go wrong at all with Steve Vai & Billy Sheehan(EVH on bass). Plus every song kicks! I wanted to see this live but never did, plus I was only 8th grade. YES DEFINITELY BUY THIS ALBUM! GO…


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