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Hybrid Theory by LINKIN PARK

Hybrid Theory by LINKIN PARK

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I’m someone who doesn’t listen to music much. But Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, is one of the better albums I’ve heard in my lifetime.

I remember I was playing Counter-Strike on PC in late 2001 while I had MTV on in the background late at night, and I heard “Crawling” playing in the background and I ended up buying Hybrid Theory.

Their lyrics in this album is like poetry: It’s clear, deep, and have meaning. Not like a lot of the garbage that’s out today.

The album means a lot to me. Not because it gives me “meaning” or “helps me understand myself,” or anything like that.

Rather, Linkin Park and this album Hybrid Theory was the first rock band that I heard and I liked it because I liked them. I had no one introduce them to me, or listened to it because everyone was listening to them at school.

I recommend this album, it’s…


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