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I’m a Rainbow by Donna Summer

I'm a Rainbow by Donna Summer

She’s A Rainbow


True Donna Summer fans know that she can sing anything. She’s not just disco/dance, pop, rock, r&b, or whatever else. She’s a versatile singer who sings songs in character and with such spirit and emotion. Unfortunately, for us fans, David Geffen shelved this album without releasing it. The only songs that saw the light of day were “Highway Runner” (featured on the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack) and “Romeo” (featured on the Flashdance soundtrack). “I’m A Rainbow” was to be a double album and what a nice double album it would have been. Like “Crayons”, Summer shows a lot of her colors on “I’m A Rainbow”. Not all. Some. Pop dominates this album, with a little rock thrown in. Best tracks: “A Runner With A Pack”, “Leave Me Alone”, “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina”, “Melanie”, “Highway Runner”, “I’m A Rainbow”, “Romeo”, “True Love Survives”, “Walk On”, and “You To Me”. The rain is over. “I’m A Rainbow” is now seen in all its musical beauty. Glad to see it.


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