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Love Tattoo by Imelda May

Love Tattoo by Imelda May

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I have never bothered to review an album on iTunes before. But this woman and her band have won me over, far and wide. The album is rough yet sweet, and as everybody seems to agree, old school. Great guitar work compliments the savvy rhythm section with taste and precision. But the voice of Imelda May is the star of the show. And what a show it is. The throwback rockabilly feels inspired at all paces. Even the slower numbers burn like a cigarette (Knock 123, Meet you at the Moon) with the perfect amount of rasp and taste. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants something unique to todays scene, or anyone who just wants to hear some damn fine music again. I listen to all types of music, from Beethoven to Guns n Roses, to Mos Def to Johnny Cash and Avenged Sevenfold or David Allen…


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