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Madness by All That Remains

Madness by All That Remains



This album is overly simplistic. I don’t mind bands evolving, or changing their sound. What I do mind, is when they take the easy way out. In this case, they phoned it in. It sounds like they checked the boxes that they thought people wanted to hear, without using all of their talent. Let’s face it, these guys are talented musicians. The guitars used to be front and center, with intricate leads, and beautiful harmonies. They’re all gone. They have been replaced by simple riffs, a little fast chugging to pacify the people who want to hear heavy on some songs, and on other songs, they have put too much emphasis on vocal choruses they believe are catchy. The problem is; they’re not. That’s just my opinion though. If you like it, I’m glad. Seriously. I’m not out to talk smack, or bring these guys down, but I know they have…


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