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Mystic Island by Cusco

Mystic Island by Cusco



If you want music that will transport you metaphorically speaking, this is the ticket!

I grew up going on many long road trips in the family van and playing many video games. My dad would pop this in the cassette deck and any trip would immediately feel like a trip to go fight dragons or rescue a princess.

As an adult, I appreciate it so much more because I definitely think people have lost an appreciation of what actual music can sound like. We are bombarded with auto tuned voices that are talking but aren’t saying anything. Whereas with this amazing album, there are no words, yet speaks volumes and basically exponentiates any emotion you may have buried away.

I’m a teacher and use this music to help my students relax and to study with. To my surprise, they all enjoy it very much and when I play something else they actually end up requesting it! There is hope for humanity 🙂 even without my sentiments from childhood, this would be and is a beautiful work of classical music that can and will transport you to…


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