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Places by Lea Michele

Places by Lea Michele

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It’d be a shame to adorn a voice as powerful as Glee star Lea Michele’s with too much fuss. So Places doesn’t; it’s a straight-up vocal showcase packed with engrossing, emotional tunes. On songs like the gentle opener “Love Is Alive,” there’s little more than a graceful piano or string section to guide her, allowing those expressive pipes to soar over heartfelt, typically uplifting lyrics. When she sings, “I’m still a believer/Can’t nobody tame this raging heart,” on “Believer,” it works as both a tender self-reflection and a battle cry.

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Lea Michele has arrived


The songs Lea has released so far show that she has grown as an artist. These songs don’t sound like anyone else. They are Lea Michele and stand apart as such.
“Love is…


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