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Ride the Lightning by Metallica

Ride the Lightning by Metallica

One of Metallica’s best ever


I have been listening this album the better part of the last 20 years. It is a classic in the thrash/speed metal genre. If you know this genre than you know that Metaliica always had their own style and could not be imitated. No other band in that genre ever came close to the originality of Metallica. Metallica did their own thing and never compromised or listened to anyone else. They made it the way they wanted it. It was just the nature of James. Not sure if this is still true I think they still do their own thing. I really do not care for the newer stuff but some bands evolve beyond what they originally were. I still have total respect for them even though I like to complain about the new stuff.

Okay every song on here is a classic and “Fade to Black” always moved me in a way no other song has. It is…


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