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Shake It Up (I

Shake It Up (I

Love This Album!!


OK!! People don’t rate these albums bad if you haven’t heard them yet. I’ve heard part of these songs on Shake it Up & I love them BUT I haven’t heard ALL of the songs!! Nice album!! Stop rating bad ratings if you haven’t HEARD the songs!!

Love it so far. 🙂

Marisa Barrios

To the people who are saying they hate it, it’s ONE SONG that’s released from it so far. You can’t judge an entire album if you haven’t heard the entire thing. Yeah, “Contagious Love” isn’t my favorite but I still like it. But I’ve heard previews for “Blow the System” and “Afterparty”, and from what I’ve heard of them they’re really good and catchy.

Anyways, I can’t wait to get this entire album. 🙂


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