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Single by Johnnyrandom on iTunes

Single by Johnnyrandom on iTunes

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Innovative and Well-Executed


As a lifelong cyclist and music fan, combining two of my favorite things into a single composition was pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. Through the wonders of digital alchemy, Johnnyrandom has taken the ordinary sounds of a bicycle and made them extraordinary. Who knew that there was an orchestra hidden there? I’ve listened and re-listened to the track, taking pleasure in guessing which sounds were sourced from what part of the bike. A very cool idea that became a fine piece of music in its own right. Bravo!



I have seen Johnyrandom’s introduction video, it explains a lot. I just wanted to say, it sounds much more touching after experiencing his perspective. His mission has been accomplished; to spread the idea of how people look at everyday objects. Sincerely beautiful. Good work.


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