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Squadrophenia by Cosmosquad

Squadrophenia by Cosmosquad

An incredible blend

Chickenwhipping Partner

Jeff Kollman really brings the guitar to the table. And when I say table, I mean the music scene. And when I say table, I don’t mean fish. Just thought I should make that very clear. Anyway, Cosmosquad is one of the best Progressive Jazz Fusion bands since Tribal Tech. There’s a real level of musicianship here, and Jam ForJason (Tribute to Jason Becker) is awesome.

Cosmic godliness!


In a nutshell – this is one of the greatest prog metal/fusion discs of all time. Period. Incredible musicianship by all 3 members, awesome, earthy production, and above all – amazing songwriting from start to finish, with songs that vary from the dark, moody African flavored ‘Road to Tanzania’/’Tribal Trance’ to the exotic ‘Chinese Eyes’. ‘Jam For Jason’, a tribute to Jason Becker, pulls out ALL the stops, with stellar guests solos by Vinnie…


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