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Take Me Away (Radio Edit)

Take Me Away (Radio Edit)

Love, Love, Love

Your Most Loyal Fan

Oli Silk you did it again!!!…..Love this song, beautiful and flawless. Highly recomended.

~Now tell me, who doesn’t like Silk, especially when it is THIS smooth?!~


~Heavy with anticipation, feeling such elevated elation
The weather’s right, set your destination & The Silk set the tone,
As you go on a groovilicious vacation~

~Even in your home, if that’s the only place you go
This mellow fellow knows how to set mood, huh, so let him flow~

~Days have now turned to hours and I’m about to shower
In the luxurious melody that’s sure to be the finest of the hour~

~Soon I’ll start to count down, “59, 58….” so what more can I say?
Oli Silk will soon tickle the keys, I’ll close my eyes and let him

~Take Me Away~

~And I’m off, so come along for the ride~No additives, No preservatives, it’s an all-natural high~The man with the smoothest last name EVER,…


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