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The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

An underrated masterpiece…


“The Dark Crystal” was released in Decmber 17, 1982 to mostly good reviews and modest box-office success. It was noted by many for its groundbreaking use of animatronic creatures (without a single human being ever appearing onscreen) for its cast. Now, it has mostly been forgotten by the public, but thankfully lives on with a strong cult following. It’s a spectacular journey of responsibility, fantasy and adventure. Another great thing about the film besides its engaging story, beautiful cinematography and amazing animatronics is its musical score by Trevor Jones, which adds more depth and epicness to the visuals. It’s very dark at times, particulary with the awesome and sometimes terrifying Skeksis and Garthim, but still has a true sense of wonder. Because of this, it continues to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Thumbs way WAY Up.

Groundbreaking Landmark in Film-Making History!


Directos Jim Henson and Frank Oz are responsible for this: the first live action movie, with no live action actors in it at all! The Dark Crystal is a great movie. You might have to watch it more than once to get the ideas behind what led up to the beginning of the movie, but otherwise one of the best movies I’ve ever seen before!

Oh, wow….


When I watched this…oh man, it’s AMAZING!!! The puppets are imagitive, and it’s really AWESOME! WHATCH IT! NOW!


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