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The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie

Everything Batman Hasn’t Been Since The Brave and the Bold!


Everything is awesome again! Despite some slightly two-dimensional characters, we get the LEGO Batman movie we deserve, and need after Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice made Batman kill people and do other things we’d like to forget. Like the LEGO Batman video games that preceded this, it’s jam packed with characters, and also alludes to all the past Batman material, including Dawn of Justice, the Dark Knight trilogy, the Burton/Schumacher movies, and the 60s movie. Before all that, we open with a narration from Batman (Will Arnett) making a mockery of Hollywood, followed by a huge scheme hatched by Joker (Zach Galifianakis) that Batman foils in a hilarious, musical way (no this is not a musical, just some cool songs Batman made while kicking butt) that sets the Joker off to hatch another scheme. After that, we get to see Batman’s post-butt-kicking-routine that gives us the best character development we get from him, which isn’t much, even if you’re familiar with the lore (which they again allude to without hammering it home). At the winter gala, Bruce Wayne, who’s a really cool guy according to Batman, unintentionally adopts Dick Grayson (Michael Cera), a boy who you wonder if he doesn’t understand sarcasm, and gets infatuated with Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson), the new police commissioner who wants Batman to work with the GCPD instead of going all vigilante. The Joker attacks again, but this time surrenders. No, I didn’t spoil the end, because all is not as it seems when Joker surrenders. What follows is Batman’s journey towards not pushing people away. It’s basically a loner-becomes-a-team-player-story, with a high octane pace, fun Lorne Balfe soundtrack, and the return of gorgeous LEGOmation (CGI where everything looks like it was made of LEGOs, the standard set by The LEGO Movie). It remains funny throughout, and is a nice break from Martha-saving, Superman fighting Batman we’ll see later in Justice League. Enjoy this fun-but-not-cheesy Batman while you can.

Best Animated Superhero Movie


I honestly loved this movie. Let’s ask a question. Is it better than the Dark Knight? No. But is it a solid funny superhero movie with excellent voice acting and memorable moments? Oh Yeah. This movie is awesome and is guaranteed to appeal to all audiences. Old or young. Check out the Lego Batman Movie because it is worth your time.


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