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This stunning documentary is an extended question that urges us to pause momentarily on our treadmill and ponder; who are we? why are we? are WE, or only ME? The images are stirring, disturbing, elucidating … the script eloquent, thought provoking. Sadly, most of the world population that probably needs to see this will never be privy to it, short of this becoming a part of school curriculums worldwide. So for those privileged of us that can watch it, one hopes we honour the film – and moreover our Self – by reflecting upon it … upon our Nature and our Human Nature and how to go forth hereon with this inextricable link.

Everyone needs to see this.


Unity is a breath-taking, stunning work of art that leaves one empowered and ready to do good in this world. It’s an absolute must-see.

Not What It Appears To Be


This film seems, from its advertising, to be a “Feel good” documentary about the unity of all life on the planet, and the interconnectedness of all life. In fact, that is only a TINY portion of this film. Instead, from the very first shot, which shows the mechanical slaughtering of cattle, MOST of this film is a parade of the most gruesome, horrifying sights and deeds of the human race. Some of the images are so graphic and disturbing, I still cannot get them out of my mind, and I wish I had never seen them. BE WARNED! This film is totally depressing.


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